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Our Vision at HANSAN C&S is to earn recognition as a trusted and respected company in our field both in Korea and internationally.

HANSAN C&S provides Total Solutions for Clients who need highly sophisticated and secure critical infrastructures for a wide range of key domains, including IT rooms, data centres, process control centres and critical office areas.

Since its establishment in Seoul in 1999, HANSAN C&S has been a rising player in the market as a supplier of critical infrastructure systems and a team of highly skilled and experienced designers and engineers with a wealth of technical knowledge. From design through to construction, HANSAN C&S applies best practice procedures to ensure the safe operation of infrastructure facilities particularly for financial institutios and IT Clients in accordance with international standards. We provide our Clients with a wide range of options to assist them in fully meeting their budgetary and technical needs. Furthermore, HANSAN C&S also provides on-going preventive maintenance service and facilities management to help Clients maintain reliable and continuous operation of Clients’ business transactions.