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HANSAN C&S uses an integrated approach applying best practice procedures to develop mission critical environments for our Clients; to provide them with a wide range of high quality infrastructure equipment; and to carry out interior work.

IT rooms
- Data centres
- Dealing & trading offices
- Call centres
- Medical sites
- Broadcasting stations
- Process control centres
- Telecommunication centres
- Clean room for the production line
- Clean room for labs, research centres etc.
- Critical offices

In all our construction works, we comply with international standards in terms of product selection, construction procedures and documentation. We are fully versed in and committed to all stages of the construction process, from the initial milestone chart submission through to staff training after the completion of our works.

Milestone chart
Our milestone charts provide clear and detailed information on schedule and key stages.
Material approval application and equipment procurement plan
We are committed to submitting all approval application forms along with catalogues and samples in a timely manner, and once approved, to promptly ordering equipment and material in order to keep construction on schedule.
Shop drawings
Our skilled engineers have proven experience in developing shop drawings which give our Clients a clear understanding of our construction work plans.
going site management We provide our Clients with a skilled supervisor who stays on site to manage and coordinate the whole construction process.
Reports and technical submission
We submit all necessary documentation for record and review, including;
- Site progress reports
- Test and commissioning reports
- Heat load calculations
- Power requirement calculations
Test & commissioning
We are fully versed in all methods and procedures of M&E test and commissioning, such as A/C heat load test, UPS load bank test, UPS battery discharge testing, earth loop impedance measurement, continuity test, injection test, pipe air & hydraulic pressure test, non-destructive inspection, air-balancing, 2m wire test, room integrity test and critical systems performance test with FMS (or BMS) interface verification.
Method Statement
For example, before any critical system testing or power shut-down activity, we are committed to providing all documentation (time tables, procedures, contingency plans, relevant personnel etc.) to avoid the possibility of equipment breakdown or power interruption.
As-built Drawings
Our as-built drawings reflect actual site conditions and equipment dimensions to avoid any possible confusion in the later time.
Operational and Maintenance Manual
We provide detailed O&M manuals upon completion of all work and required tests. Our O&M manuals cover all relevant information, including general system description, operation and maintenance procedures of systems and equipment, equipment schedules, health and safety summaries, equipment technical data, manufacturers’ literature and test and commissioning reports.
Staff Training
Upon completion of all construction work and submission of as-built drawings, we provide comprehensive staff training, so that relevant personnel get clear understandings of the operation and maintenance of all new or upgraded facilities and site specifics.