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The design objective of HANSAN C&S is to provide reliable and cost-effective Total Solutions to Clients’ service needs within both their IT-related facilities domains and their office areas, based on clear understandings of Clients’ business operations and requirements.

In order to achieve this, we offer our clients a range of options in 4 key areas; equipment and system configuration; capacity-sizing; energy-saving analysis; and structural engineering verifications. In all these areas, our design and planning work comply with international standard requirements.

Project master programme planning
- Budget estimation
- Pre-investigation of site structural integrity
- Interior design (partitions, ceilings, floors etc.) for critical system facilities spaces such as IT rooms, data centres and command centres
- Optimal equipment selection and space planning guidelines in accordance with Clients’ needs and budget
- Compliance with local authorities’ requirements and international standards (NFPA, BS, E&OHS etc.)
- Seeking secure operation of infrastructure facilities through capacity redundancy and contingency plans against facility breakdown or malfunctions
- System and facility design compatible with existing building infrastructures
- Establishing comprehensive safety systems and procedures to ensure the reliability of facilities and the health and well-being of Clients and their staff.
- Environmentally-friendly construction design